Utilize these simple Quick Healthy Habits to Change Your Life – For Better 

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit” – Aristotle

If you are new to developing habits then this is the first place you should check out on the site. I have compiled 101 Habits that I believe can help anyone make positive changes in their life.

The Power of habits is rather deceiving. We see these small seemingly simple habits and think that they can’t really affect our life all that much. We often try to make major changes when it’s the small little routine tasks we do everyday that add up to HUGE progress over time.

A large majority of important, moment-to-moment decisions you make every day are based on your habits. Hence, changing your habits for better can be termed as the shortest route to bring about a positive change in your life. Go through the below mentioned 101 quick habits that can help you create the life you desire!

General Healthy Habits

1. Brush and floss your teeth – We often don’t realize the kind of role oral hygiene plays in increasing our lifespan. Scientists have discovered that regularly brushing and flossing your teeth can add as much as 6 years to your life. So pick up your brush and floss, and get cleaning!

2. Stand up – Get into the habit of doing things in a standing position. For example watching your favorite TV show, folding your laundry, taking a phone call etc. can all be done while standing.

3. Put on that sunscreen – If you’re moving out, put on a sunscreen now. It not only prevents you from fatal conditions such as cancer, but also helps in looking younger.

4. Brush your teeth immediately after dinner – Adopting this habit will help you put a mental full-stop to your eating day and prevent any late-night cravings.

5. Put down that cigarette – Putting down that cigarette now will do a world of good to both your health and your pocket. We know it’s difficult, but take that first step now!

6. Book a medical examination – Pick up your phone and book a medical examination for yourself right away. Although such routine tests may require you to pay upfront, they can save you a tremendous amount of money and worries in the longer run.

7. Get that me-time you so need – Moving non-stop from one task to the other can take a toll on your health. Why not put aside all the work for a few minutes and indulge in some me time right at this moment?!

8. Step out – Stepping out and experiencing the liveliness of nature can make you feel good about yourself in an instant! So, step out, take a walk and enjoying the fresh air. Such simple pleasures are sometimes priceless.

9. Encourage others too – Avoid being self-centered and encourage the person next to you as well. Take your children and other family members along with you as you head out.

10. Brush your tongue – Although brushing teeth and flossing are both good habits, you must also brush your tongue regularly. It doesn’t take much time! If not cleaned regularly, the rear area of the tongue can become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, causing diseases and bad breath.

11. Get physical – Regardless of what your idea of exercise is, whether it is a one-hour jog every morning or some sweaty time under the sheets with your better half, you must move your body to stay healthy. Any form of physical exercise will improve your mental well-being too.

12. Pop in some vitamins – Although vitamins can be expensive, they’re an indispensable investment when it comes to your overall well-being. Regularly consuming vitamins can steer you clear of several medical conditions such as osteoporosis and more.

13. Put that extra drink down – Indulging in too much alcohol every now and then can be detrimental for your health. However, consuming it in moderation may be harmless. So, stay within your limits and put that extra drink down right now!

14. Step on the scale – Regularly checking your weight and keeping it in control can go a long way in increasing your lifespan. Therefore, step on that weighing scale now and find out if you are overweight, underweight or just alright.

15. Pause and observe the symptoms – Pause whatever you’re doing this moment and try observing the symptoms of unexplained conditions like fever, shortness of breath, headache, unexplained weight loss etc., if you have any. These should be addressed right away.

16. Sneeze into arms – Experts say that it is better to sneeze into your upper arm or the crook of your elbow (instead of hands) whenever you don’t have a tissue handy. Use of unclean hands in such situations can easily spread the germs.

17. Jazz up drinking water and make it more drinkable – If drinking water regularly seems boring, add some slices of orange, cucumber, kiwi or lemon to make it interesting. You can pop in a few raspberries or strawberries too. This’ll make the water more tasty, healthy and interesting.

18. Wash hands – Make it a habit to wash your hands as often as you can. Doing so lowers the risk of getting sick and spreading germs. Always use a good soap and leave your hands under running water for minimum 20 seconds to rinse it off properly.

19. Drink a large glass of water first thing in the morning – Adopting this quick habit can make a world of difference to your overall well-being. It’ll rid your body of harmful toxins every morning.

At the Workplace

20. Empty your inbox – Let’s admit it! All of us have our inboxes overflowing with unread emails. Actually, we may never get the time to read them. So why not clear out all that junk and make a fresh start!

21. Bike to work – Why make environment suffer because of your laziness?! Take out that bike gathering dust in your garage and cycle to work today!

22. Take a short break – Sitting on your office chair the whole day can be very bad for your health. Take a short break right now and do the same after every 30 to 45 minutes. Doing so will help you relax, stretch a little and divert your mind from the stressful office matters.

23. Avoid the lift – Avoid getting into the lift and rather take the stairs in your office building. This will help you burn some extra calories all through the work week.

24. Connect with that stranger at workplace – People feel less stressed out at workplace if they’re connected to their peers. Don’t wait for others to take the first step. Rather, take that initiative on your own now.

25. De-clutter your office desk – A cluttered up office desk gives a very bad impression about you and is also not a pleasant sight. Get up and de-clutter your desk this moment.

26. Capture every idea – We all get ideas at the strangest of places. Don’t allow them to drift away from you. Instead, capture them in your notepad or smartphone for later use.

27. Get up and walk around – Sitting still in one place throughout the working day can be very bad for the body. Get up and walk around, even if for a few seconds every now and then. Get up! What’s holding you back?!

28. Learn to say no and don’t bite more than you can chew – There’s no point in letting the work pileup just because you can’t say no to your superior at work. Make up your mind and say no right now if you’re well aware that you won’t be able to handle more.

29. Stop and ask yourself if you really love your job – We get so involved in our day-to-day work routines that we forget the true purpose of it all. You need to stop and ask yourself if your current job really makes you happy or not. If not, you must start looking for a change.

30. Give your eyes a break – Staring at your computer/laptop screen for endless number of hours, combined with a slumped posture can take a toll on your health. Give yourself a couple of minutes’ break after every 20-30 minutes.

31. Turn tasks into manageable steps – Sometimes even simple day-to-day tasks at work can get overwhelming. Take out a few minutes and break them down into smaller steps that can be accomplished easily.

32. Reward yourself – Rewarding yourself for every task accomplished can keep up your motivation levels and improve your productivity.

33. Track your day with a tool like Evernote to increase productivity and improve planning.

34. Get rid of distractions – Human brain is naturally inclined to procrastinate. You can guard yourself by simply doing away with all possible things that distract you from work.

35. Handle the most difficult task first – Finishing the most difficult task right at the beginning can make the remaining tasks easier. So handle the hardest one first.

36. Employ the two-minute trick – Any task that may take you two minutes or less can be quickly dealt with and ticked off the list.

37. Listen – Rather than jumping the gun and mouthing your opinion during every discussion, try to hold onto your horses and listen instead. You’ll thank yourself for doing that later.

Healthy Habits at Home

38. Decide to cook instead of ordering in or going out – Although an occasional meal from outside doesn’t hurt, you must try to eat at home as much as possible. That way you’ll save money and know what all is going into your food.

39. Make some quick cleaning supplies – Cleaning supplies bought from the stores are generally full of harmful chemicals, bad for your pets and family. A quick look at some of the online videos can help you create your own cleaning supplies.

40. Turn off the television – Watching television throughout the day can make your lifestyle quite sedentary. Turn off your television right now and do something else more active such as reading a book, talking to your loved ones or taking a walk.

41. Pick up your pace – You can make your everyday chores at home healthier by picking up your pace and thus increasing your heart rate. Why not make a competition out of the time taken to dust or sweep a room?!

42. Hang your laundry out – Another way of indulging in some active housework is by taking out all your laundry and hanging it outside (instead of using a dryer). Doing so will exercise your muscles and contribute to the environmental cause too.

43. Shorten your shower time – Shortening the time you spend in showers will not just help you conserve water and cut down your water bills, but also prevent your skin from drying out, thus making you look healthier and younger.

44. Remove the clutter – Get started with the de-cluttering process of your home right now. Make up your mind and just start it! Trust us, you’ll feel good!

45. Eat with your family – Eating at least one meal a day together with your family can help you slow things down and stay connected to your roots. This has a positive impact on your health too.

46. Put together your medicines and first aid supplies – Often our medicines and first aid supplies lay scattered at different places in home. Take out 5 minutes and put all of them together in one place/box.

47. Get organized – Stop for a moment, take out a paper and a pen and then jot down all your tasks for the day. Getting organized helps save a lot of time and money. It also reduces the stress levels.

48. Appreciate what you have – Many of us are so busy chasing things we don’t have that we forget to appreciate what all we do. Take out 5 minutes and appreciate whatever you have. It’ll make you feel good.

49. Leave shoes at the door – Practiced commonly in Japan, this age-old custom has many practical benefits. Leaving shoes at the door keeps the home free of outside dirt and pollutants.

50. Microwave your kitchen sponge – We all think that toilet seats are the most germ-laden items in a home. Wrong. It is the kitchen sponge that tops that list. Microwaving it for 30 seconds every evening can rid it of all the germs (make sure it’s wet).

Mental habits

51. Take it easy and book yourself a vacation now – Stress can be very harmful if ignored. Take some time out of your busy schedule and get away from the day-to-day stress by taking a short vacation with your loved ones.

52. Reach out now – We all face tough times every now and then. Don’t feel depressed and reach out to someone you trust immediately. If there’s no one you can turn to in your immediate surroundings, reach out and take help of some counsellor or psychiatrist.

53. Laugh it out – Unexpected things happen to all of us. Learn to laugh about them and never take anything to heart.

54. Pray – Spirituality can connect you to the deeper and more meaningful part of your life. Praying can help you focus, relax and concentrate on things that are most important in your life.

55. Give your brain a good work out – Indulge in some activity that gives a good workout your brain. Doing so will keep it healthy and help you stay sharp, happy and active, no matter what your age is.

56. Call up and speak to people you love – Pick up your phone and call up people you love and care about. Expressing your feelings to them will help you stay calm and happy.

57. Be optimistic and think positive – Shun the negative thoughts coming to your mind right now, and replace them with the positive ones. Maintaining an optimistic outlook can add many years to your life.

58. Count to 10 or more when angry – We all get those bouts of anger every now and then. Anger is not good for health. Counting to 10 or more can help tame your temper. It distracts the mind from the current situation and makes one calmer.

59. Strike a power pose in front of mirror! – Yes, that’s right! Try doing it and it’ll instantly make you feel better! Perhaps, a super woman/man posture with legs split apart, while brushing your teeth will do!

60. Send motivational notes to yourself – Expose yourself to positive thoughts even when you’re down in the dumps by sending yourself pre-set motivational notes. Look up the app store on your phone, you’ll definitely find an app for that!

61. Do a mental detox – Cut out all gossip, scary TV shows and news channels from your daily routine. All these sources fill your mind with hatred, fear and violence.

Fitness and exercise

62. Involve your kids and/or spouse – A quick decision about involving your spouse or kids into your daily exercise routine can work wonders for your overall fitness.

63. Wear ankle weights – These can put some extra pounds on your body and make you burn extra calories when on the move.

64. Opt for biking – Biking is an excellent and one of the most enjoyable methods of getting a good cardio workout.

65. Play with pets – Playing with pets gets you the exercise you’re looking for and gets them the attention they so need.

66. Take a walk – Stepping out of home and taking a short walk, even if till the end of your lane, can get you some good exercise.

67. Explore the neighborhood – You can do this by jogging, biking, on foot or using a roller blade. You’ll learn about the goings-on in your vicinity as well as get some good exercise.

68. Play some sport – Apart from making you fitter, playing some sport can be fun and help you make social connections too.

69. Make your workouts social – You don’t need to work out all alone. Involving your friends or neighbors into your daily workout routine can make it more productive.

70. Use protective gear – If you work out vigorously or play some field sport, ensure that you are always wearing the right kind of protective gear to prevent injuries.

71. Use free hand exercises – It isn’t necessary to spend money on costly gym memberships to get into shape. You can learn and perform some quick free hand exercises to reap the same benefits.

72. Volunteer – Make a quick decision and volunteer for social activities such as planting trees, community services etc. These will put both your mind and body in the right perspective.

73. Try something new – Be open to new fitness routines and innovative ways of staying fit. You might just discover some new hobby!

Daily nutrition and food related habits

74. Don’t miss breakfast – Make it a point that you never miss breakfast. Set a reminder if you have to. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and helps you lead a healthy life.

75. Have some fruit 15 minutes before dinner – People who have some fruit before dinner tend to eat less at the dinner table. We suggest one apple or peach.

76. Have a cup of tea – If you’re fond of coffee or some other hot beverage, switch to tea today. Tea is cheaper and healthier.

77. Incorporate Juicing into your diet. It’s a perfect way to get vital nutrients delivered directly to your cells in a hurry.

78. Ignore that diet chart – Unless you make some permanent changes to your lifestyle and daily diet, you won’t get any long-term results. So, ditch that diet chart and set some realistic diet goals for yourself.

79. Have some wine – Having a glass of red wine every day with dinner is known to bring about some excellent heart related benefits. But remember, moderation is the key here!

80. Veggies over meat – You can improve your and your pocket’s health significantly by opting for a vegetarian diet. Vegetables and grains are cheaper, healthier and environment friendly too.

81. Eat frequent and small meals – Eating frequent and small meals will keep your cravings in check and prevent you from going overboard. This habit will also keep your metabolism active throughout the day.

82. Avoid junk food as much as you can – Junk food is well known to be high in calories and fats, apart from being loaded with unwanted chemicals. Make a healthy choice now by avoiding the temptation.

83. Buy and eat fresh food – Fresh food items are more nutritious than frozen food. What more, they’re cheaper too!

84. Eat slowly – Don’t rush yourself when having your meals. Eating slowly helps in digestion and also makes you eat less.

85. Cherish variety – A well-balanced diet is one that comprises of different variety of food items. So, cherish this variety and embrace it.

86. Eat smaller portions – Scaling back on your portion sizes can help you digest better and keep you healthy.

87. Have a glass full of water half an hour before your main meal – Just like the apple trick, this will also help you eat less.

88. Distinguish the cravings from real hunger – Whenever you feel like eating in between the main meals, ask yourself if you’re hungry enough to have an apple. This’ll help you determine if it’s craving or real hunger.

89. Eat the fibers first – Opting to eat the fibrous food items on your plate first will prevent you from going overboard on the calorie rich foods.

90. Lookout for healthy recipes or restaurant ideas – Set aside at least 5 minutes per day, and dedicate them only to search for healthy recipes and healthy restaurant ideas.

Smart Shopping habits

91. Be a smart shopper – Rather than acting on impulse and buying whatever’s on sale, pause and think whether you require that particular item or not.

92. Check labels – Always read the labels on food items to check their expiry date and to make sure that they’re healthy for you and your family.

93. Take your own shopping bag – Make it a point that you always carry a reusable bag whenever you go out shopping. These are excellent for environment and also prevent you from going overboard when shopping.

94. Make meal reservations – Planning your meals ahead of time and making prior restaurant reservations when going out shopping will help you eat on-time and not indulge in endless shopping sprees.

95. Avoid processed food items – These items may be appealing owing to their ready availability and convenience, but when it comes to the matter of health they’re far inferior than freshly cooked food.

96. Avoid items that are heavily packaged – Buying items which are packaged in more plastic than required is only going to contribute to environmental damage. Refrain from buying such items.

97. Buy local produce – Produce available at the local farmers’ market is normally healthier, cheaper and fresher in comparison to all that’s available in stores.

98. Avoid consuming bottled water – We don’t mean that you stop drinking water! However, rather than buying pre-bottled water every time, carry a reusable bottle with you whenever you go out.

99. Lookout for used items – You can save a tremendous amount of money and also contribute to the environmental cause by buying used items.

100. Pay your bills on time – Paying your monthly bills on time can reduce the unwanted stress and hassle caused by past due bills. Why not set up automatic online payments?!

101. Buy only what is required – Seeing so many different items at the grocery store can tempt you to buy more than what is actually needed. Unless you control yourself, you may end up spending and wasting more.

Bonus Habits

102. Be realistic about your needs – There’s so much available out there that we may never be satisfied with what all we have. It is better to contend with and appreciate what we have rather than feeling unhappy about what we don’t.

103. Decide to park further away from the store – This is an excellent method of getting some exercise whenever you go out shopping.

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