Home Remedies to Treat Shingles

The power of home remedies can never be ignored when it comes to the treatment of diseases and health conditions. These remedies are mostly made up of natural ingredients that have been helping people for several centuries through different medicine systems.

As evident from their name itself, these home remedies can be easily prepared from the readily available ingredients at home. Furthermore, as they turn out to be far less expensive than the popular treatment methods, they’ve even earned the name ‘alternate therapy’ in medical science. Some of the important benefits of home remedies in treatment of shingles are:

  • No use of chemicals
  • Less expensive
  • Extremely safe and convenient for use
  • Free of harmful side-effects
  • Have a feel good factor about them as you’re able to get rid of shingles all by yourself!

Let’s go over some of the popular home remedies that are regularly used to treat shingles at home:

Neem leaves

Found mainly in India, neem leaves are an age-old home remedy for the shingles cure. Apart from shingles, they’re also actively used for curing several skin related ailments like ulcers, acne, bacterial infections etc. Neem leaves also stimulate the immune system, detoxify blood, improve the liver function and promote healthy functioning of the digestive, circulative and respiratory systems. What more, they prove highly effective in diabetes and malaria treatment as well.

You can use neem leaves in several different ways to cure the shingles infection.

Eating them raw – Neem leaves can be eaten raw in their dry form. When consumed as it is, they deliver instant internal healing benefits. As a result, your immune system receives a great boost and the shingles infection starts getting healed from the inside.

Drinking them in tea – Put some neem leaves into boiling water as you prepare your tea, and allow it to brew for a few minutes. Then simply pour this tea into a cup and enjoy it while the neem leaves go about delivering their benefits!

Taking a neem leaves bath – This can be done by boiling around 100 g of fresh neem leaves in a bucket full of water. Put this boiled water into a warm bath prepared separately. You can also mix the neem leaves water into green tea, baking soda, brown vinegar or oatmeal bath which are all beneficial for the shingles treatment. Immerse your entire body into the bath and stay in it for a minimum of 20 minutes. Dry yourself gently with a soft towel once done.

Brown vinegar

Brown vinegar is created from barley and is also popularly referred to as malt vinegar. Just like other popular vinegar varieties (red vinegar, apple cider vinegar etc.), brown vinegar also has an excellent ability to kill the harmful bacteria. Apart from that, it fights off urinary tract infections, shingles virus, sores, gout and more.

How to use brown vinegar for shingles treatment?

You can add brown vinegar to a bath and benefit from its healing properties to get rid of shingles rashes and blisters, and the itchiness and sores caused as their result. To achieve best results, you must take one such brown vinegar bath every 3 to 4 hours. All you need to do is fill your bath tub with warm water and pour around half a cup brown vinegar into it. Then stay put in the bath tub for a minimum of 20 minutes, dipping your entire body (especially the shingles infected body areas) into it. Use a soft towel to dry yourself gently when you’re done.


Honey is another natural ingredient that works as an excellent shingles home remedy. It has excellent antifungal and antibacterial properties that help in both preventing and healing the shingles blisters and rashes. In order to use honey for the shingles treatment, you’ll require it in its organic and raw form, which can be easily procured from any local food store.

Take some natural honey into your hands and apply a thin layer of it directly onto the shingles affected body area. Please note, you don’t require a lot of it. Just enough amount to cover up the affected areas. Leave the applied honey on the skin for a minimum of 30 – 60 minutes, until you feel that it has been well absorbed into the skin. Thereafter, rinse off the affected skin area with cool or lukewarm water. Many a times it gets so well absorbed into the skin that you may not even need to rinse it off (unless you don’t like the smell of honey on skin)!

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera is a very powerful home remedy for curing shingles in only a few days’ time! Obtained from a cactus type of plant, aloe proves helpful in the treatment of various ailments and has great cosmetic benefits. Considered one of the safest home remedies for gastrointestinal problems, it is used regularly for treating serious skin infections as well. What more, people use it regularly for treating even serious ailments like irritable bowel syndrome and diabetes. Following are some ways in which aloe vera can prove highly effective in shingles treatment:

  • The aloe vera gel consists of compounds like anthraquiones, lectins and mannans, all of which have excellent healing properties.
  • The antiseptic properties of aloe vera prove helpful in reducing the skin infection.
  • Its topical application significantly reduces the irritation and inflammation caused due to the shingles infection.
  • Aloe vera is very effective in inhibiting the bacteria growth.

You can get a good quality aloe vera gel from your local health store and even from the pharmacy and grocery stores. Following is how you should use it to obtain relief from shingles rashes and blisters:

  • Gently apply the aloe vera gel directly onto the shingles affected body areas. This will reduce the itchiness, burning sensation and pain caused by the infection. When applied, this gel will start working immediately at regenerating the damaged skin cells and also prevent the risk of scarring due to shingles blisters.
  • Please note that you must apply aloe vera gel at least 2 to 3 times each day until the time you start seeing its visible benefits.

Having had a mention in all the popular alternative therapies and medicines since the biblical times (even a mention in the New Testament!), aloe vera is definitely a home remedy that can cure your shingles infection from the root in quick time.


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