How to treat Shingles Fast

Despite knowing so many different methods of treating shingles infection, people sometimes just get too overwhelmed by the condition. So much so that they forget where to begin! In this short article, I’ll provide you with a solid action plan to help you treat your shingles infection fast and get rid of it in no time!

Prepare a list

First and foremost, settle down on the exact methods you’d like to adopt to treat your shingles infection. Why not take out a pen and notepad to prepare a list?! Jot down the following:

  • What type of vaccinations you’ll take (in consultation with your doctor)?
  • What lifestyle changes you will make?
  • Which all home remedies you will adopt?
  • Which all products you will need to purchase from the local store or from the Internet?
  • Will you require any additional treatment or medications? If yes, what are they and will they be procured?

Thereafter, take action and procure whatever is needed. In case you’re already down with severe shingles symptoms and aren’t in the best shape to step out, ask one of your family members or friends to shop on your behalf. Better still, log on to the internet and place online orders. Nowadays, you can procure almost anything on the Internet in as less as 24 hours!

Start with a remedial bath

Once you’ve procured all the supplies, prepare a nice lukewarm brown vinegar or neem leaves bath for yourself to obtain quick relief from the shingles symptoms. You’ll need to take such bath for at least 3 to 4 times each day. Hence, you’ll need to plan the timings well in advance so that the bathing regime carries you through the entire day and also relieves you in time to put you to sleep at night.

Apply the shingles lotions after taking every bath and all through the day

After having procured all the required gels or lotions needed for the shingles treatment, make sure that you apply them gently after it every bath and also at regular time intervals throughout the day. It is better to buy at least two different varieties of gels or lotions, and alternate them regularly. It’s all about figuring out what works best in your scenario.

Drink plenty of water, nutritious food and recommended supplements

One thing you can start with immediately is drinking lemon water or citrus fruit juices. Whenever you feel hungry, opt for food items that are specifically beneficial in shingles treatment such as spinach, beans and food items rich in lysine, vitamin B12 vitamins C, vitamin E etc. Loss of appetite is one of the most commonly observed side-effects of the shingles infection. Make sure that you don’t fall for it and continue supplying your body with the important nutrients it needs.

Final Word

On the whole, the key to getting rid of the shingles infection quickly is by being aware of it and being prepared for it well in advance. If you feel you’ll need mittens to prevent the scratches, ensure that you have enough of those. If you need to regularly visit your doctor, make sure those visits are planned in advance. All in all, take action and avoid any type of procrastination. Soon you’ll see that your shingles infection well become a thing of the past!

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